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  • 30+ years' experience in global markets and ASIC regulated
  • Go long or short on Bitcoin
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Trade on over 4,500 markets


21 global Indices


4500+ global Shares
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84 FX pairs


25+ global Commodities

Trading FX?

If you wish to trade Forex, you can trade currencies with our CFD accounts where you will have full access to our FX range and spreads from 0.5pts.

MT4 accounts
We do offer an FX on MT4 account for traders who wish to use MT4 exclusively.

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Why trade CFDs with City Index?

Hedge your portfolio

Use CFDs to go short and mitigate against potential losses in your share portfolio

4,500+ CFD markets

Trade CFDs on Indices, FX, Shares and Commodities from one account

Commission Free CFDs

Commission free CFD trading on all CFDs except Shares

Margins from 0.5%

Utilise leverage of up to 400%

Fund Security

As co-founders of the Australian CFD and FX forum, we are committed to ensuring full segregation of client funds.

Segregated client money bank accounts

Your funds are fully segregated from our capital and are held by secure tier 1 banks

Authorised and regulated by ASIC

GAIN Capital Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 141 774 727, AFSL 345646)

Part of a NYSE listed company

City Index is operated by GAIN Capital Holdings Inc (NYSE:GCAP)

Safe, free deposits and withdrawals

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