Trading chart tools

City Index has powerful charting tools, which can be configured and saved to suit your analysis style, whatever device you are trading on.

Our charts provide advanced indicators and drawing tools to give you all the information you need to research and identify your next trading opportunity.

Powerful Charts

Our charts have been designed to help you analyse the markets and identify your next trading opportunity.
  • Trading Tools Technical Indicators

    80+ technical indicators

    Identify trends and trading opportunities through technical analysis with an extensive selection of over 80 indicators.

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More features

Customisable indicators

Adjust the default criteria and settings for each technical indicator such as periods, guidelines and colours, to display the information you need to suit your trading strategy.
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charting features mobile chart

Mobile charts

City Index's highly customisable charts have a wide selection of technical indicators, can be configured to suit your preferences and can be viewed on a full screen in portrait or landscape mode.

News events on charts

Major news and economic activity can be displayed on charts, visually highlighting the impact of an event on the market price.
charting features news
charting features orders

Orders displayed on charts

Any orders you place can be visually displayed on a chart. By moving the lines, orders can be adjusted to your preferred level.

16 years' price history

City Index's charts display up to 16 years of price history so you can analyse trends over time.
charting features history

Introduction to charts

Charts are an essential tool for traders of all levels. They provide vital information at a glance on what a market’s price has been historically and where it is now.

Charts are particularly important to Technical Analysts as they believe that past patterns are based on human behaviour and often repeat themselves.

Watch our video on Introduction to charts to find out about candlestick charts and identifying patterns.

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