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You can opt-in to be classified as a professional client subject to review and approval using our quick and easy application form.

City Index may classify you as a professional client if you comply with the requirements below:

1.   If you are eligible for a professional account, you will be required to sign a letter acknowledging that you have the expertise, experience and knowledge to ensure that you can make your own investment decisions and are aware of the merits, value and risks of the products provided.

2.   If you’re able to answer yes to two of the following, you may be eligible:

   You have carried out an average of more than 10 transactions per quarter over the previous four quarters, in significant size, on the relevant market;

   The value of your portfolio, assets and investments exceeds $250k; or

   You have been employed in the financial sector for at least one year in a professional position which requires knowledge of the products being provided.

3.   You acknowledge that you have not been given a PDS, or any other disclosure document, relating to the professional product offering.

   I acknowledge the above

I confirm that I:

a)   know and understand the consequences of consenting to being treated by you as a professional client

b)   consent to being treated by you as a professional client; and

c)   know that I may at any time withdraw my consent upon which you will cease to treat me as a professional client from the day that I informed you that I was withdrawing my consent.

In completing, signing and returning this form to you, I represent and warrant that the information and confirmations I have provided in this form, and any other documentation that I provide to you, are complete, true and accurate. If there is any change in circumstances relating to my (i)net personal or financial asset holdings or income that may affect any of my declarations and representations set out above or (ii) status as a professional client under Australian law such that I cease to be a professional client at any time, I undertake to inform you in writing within working days of such change in circumstances. If such changes cannot be rectified, I acknowledge and accept that you have full discretion to decide to refrain from treating me as a professional client whereupon I will revert to retail client status (with the corresponding margin rates).

    I confirm I wish to be treated as a sophisticated investor client as defined in chapter 7 of the Corporations Act (Cth) 2001. I acknowledge and accept that, having opted in to the sophisticated investor client status, this treatment will apply to all my transactions with City Index if you determined that I qualify as a sophisticated investor client.

Sophisticated investor clients are assumed to be better informed, and better able to access resources to protect their own interests, and therefore require less regulatory protection. Investors who agree to be treated as sophisticated investor clients therefore forgo the benefit of certain regulatory safeguards. For example, sophisticated investor clients do not receive a Product Disclosure Statement detailing the products provided. Investors should consult a professional adviser if they do not understand any consequence of being treated as a sophisticated investor client.

We will require the following documents in order to proceed with setting you up as a professional client.

To support your selection above for trading volume, assets or experience, please provide documents such as:

a.   Statements from a broker for a minimum of 12 months showing the trades conducted and/or,

b.   Bank statements or other relevant documents regarding source of funds/assets and/or,

c.   A copy of your employment contract and job description.

We will contact you with more details if your application is successful.