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Apply for a Professional account to secure lower margin rates and a host of exclusive benefits.

  • Receive higher cash rebates
  • Credit allowance, subject to approval
  • Individual coaching by one of our expert market analysts
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Losses can exceed deposits.

Additional benefits


Lower margin rates

Secure lower margin rates with a Professional account.
Priority Service

Priority service

Support for all your trading needs with a dedicated client relationship manager.
Segregated accounts

Your funds are segregated

We will continue to safeguard your funds in a client segregated account.

Higher cash rebates for Professional clients

How much margin will be required under the proposed changes?


If you placed a trade on AUD/USD with a $100,000 notional value:

  • Under proposed leverage restrictions, required retail margin would be $5,000
  • City Index Pro accounts margin would be $200
Minimum Pro Margins Minimum Retail Margins Change in Margin Multiple
Forex 0.2%  5% 25
Indices 0.2%  7% 35
Share CFDs 5%  20% 4
Gold  0.5% 5% 10
All Other Commodities  1% 10% 10
Cryptocurrencies  25% 50% 2

Please note that at present these changes are only proposed by ASIC and may change in the future.

What changes when you become a Professional trader?

Retained Protections

  • Professional account funds will be safeguarded in a segregated account
  • You have the right to request for a different account at any time e.g. revert to a retail account

Waived Protections

  • Professional account holders will have access to a greater amount of leverage, but that also means there will be exposure to a greater amount of risk
  • You will not receive a Product Disclosure Statement or Financial Services Guide document. However, we will continue to provide all the relevant disclosure documents as required under the Corporations Act

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Refer a friend for a Professional Account and get $2,500


You can opt-in to be classified as a Professional trader (subject to review and approval) using our quick and easy application form. You will need to have an existing City Index account in order to apply and meet one of the qualifying criteria. You can find full details on how to apply here.

Yes – you can choose to opt-out from being classified as a Professional client and return to retail client status at any time by contacting our Client Services team in writing. Note that it can take up to 7 days to process your request.

Yes - you can apply using the same form as for individuals mentioned here. For Joint account holders - both/all of your named account holders need to be approved as Professional traders in order for the account to be treated as a Professional account.

Once ASIC restrictions set in, as a Professional client, you will have access to higher leverage than retail clients, meaning you will need to hold less margin to cover positions. Professional clients also receive additional account benefits such as priority service and cash rebates but will receive less investor protections than retail clients.

There is no change to the tax status of the products we provide to our clients with a City Index Professional account.

If you’re not eligible for City Index Professional account, you can still trade thousands of financial markets on our award-winning platform, using a standard City Index account. Learn more

Only clients that are new to City Index will need to first open a standard CFD trading account before applying for a Professional account. If you already have a CFD account with us, you can apply for Professional account now, if you think you may be eligible.

Only clients that meet the Criteria A ($2.5million in net assets or have an income of at least $250k for the past 2 years) and have opted in to the promotion will be eligible for the $10,000 bonus as per terms and conditions.