BitcoinCash ($) CFD

Enjoy tight spreads from 0.5pts &
commission free trading on major FX pairs
Enjoy tight spreads from 0.5pts & commission free trading on major FX pairs
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Product Information

Instrument Name BitcoinCash ($) CFD
Spreads 2 Points
0 - 133000050.00 %
1330000 + 100.00 %
Trading Hours 24 hours/day*
Bitcoin Cash trading usually occurs on cryptocurrency exchanges, often using the BCH or BCC currency ticker. Bitcoin Cash was created as an alternative to Bitcoin by developers who wanted a version of the Bitcoin currency for transactional purposes rather than a digital investment, hence the Bitcoin Cash name. Bitcoin Cash live prices, for instance Bitcoin Cash / USD, can be readily obtained. Bitcoin Cash trading can be carried out via cryptocurrency platforms or using a Bitcoin Cash CFD. By trading Bitcoin Cash, with CFDs, traders can enter and exit the market more consistently than they might using the available cryptocurrency platforms. Launched in the summer of 2017, Bitcoin Cash is still a relatively young digital currency, but has many fans.

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