Bitcoin ($) CFD

Enjoy tight spreads from 0.5pts &
commission free trading on major FX pairs
Enjoy tight spreads from 0.5pts & commission free trading on major FX pairs
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Product Information

Instrument Name Bitcoin ($) CFD
Spreads 100 Points
0 - 45000050.00 %
450000 + 100.00 %
Trading Hours 24 hours/day*
Bitcoin CFD trading is a good way to trade Bitcoin without having to buy Bitcoin. The Bitcoin price, which is usually quoted as Bitcoin / USD (i.e. how many US Dollars can be bought with one Bitcoin) can fluctuate greatly. It can be hard to buy and sell Bitcoin quickly using a standard cryptocurrency wallet. Bitcoin CFD trading provides traders with the ability to take long or short Bitcoin positions, during the day. Something it may be impossible to do otherwise. A Bitcoin CFD does not provide ownership of actual Bitcoin, but does allow you to trade the Bitcoin price.

Why trade Cryptocurrencies?

Go long or short

Go long or short on Cryptocurrencies to profit from rising and falling prices

Higher volatility

Take advantage of Cryptocurrency volatility without owning any

Competitive pricing

Fixed spreads, low margin and competitive financing

Risk management tools

Protect your profits from volatility with stops and limits

Range of markets

Go long or short to take advantage of volatility in a wide range of Cryptos

Leverage your postion

Trade Cryptos with a relatively small initial investment
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