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  • The AT Pro professional downloadable trading platform is equipped with a series of vital tools and resources to help you to net profitable and consistent returns on your FX trades.

    With the AT Pro forex platform, you can get a distinct trading advantage and professional retail forex trading experience. The platform offers multiple powerful trading tools and resources including Auto Trading, Deal Through Charts technology and over 100 Built in Trading Strategies.

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    Deal-Through Charts

    AT Pro enables you to trade directly through your forex charts, making it possible to point and click to open and close positions, drag and drop to change orders and zoom in on key sections of the charts. The intuitive interface keeps open positions visible, allowing you to see which ones are profitable or unprofitable.

    Auto Trading

    AT Pro enables you to design and run your own forex auto trading system, which will generate forex trades based on built in or custom designed trading strategies. This makes it possible for you to trade automatically when prices dictate trade action, even if you are not in front of your trading screen.

    Built-In Trading Strategies

    You can access over 100 trading strategies with AT Pro, which can be incorporated into the platform’s Auto Trading system, thus allowing you to gain exposure to multiple trading strategies and try them out for yourself.*

    Advanced Technical Analysis Indicators

    Take your trading to the next level with over 100 advanced technical analysis indicators that are available through the AT Pro platform, helping to give you a much more thorough technical analysis experience and spot trading opportunities that other retail forex traders may miss.

    Customisable Price Alerts

    Stay on top of your forex trades with our custom alerts, which help to ensure that you will not miss out on potential trading opportunities.

    * The built-in trading strategies available within the AT Pro platform provide no guarantee of success or profitability.

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