Interest Rates

  • Interest rates

    • Choice of UK and EU interest rates; including Euribor, Euro-Bund Futures, Eurodollar and Short Sterling
    • Trade with low spreads from as little as 0.03 points
    • The chosen safe-haven market in times of volatility

    An increasing amount of our CFD trading clients are now speculating on the future movement of interest rates. If you believe that interest rates are set for a hike or cut, you can potentially profit from this movement by taking a position on our interest-rate markets.

    At City Index, we offer spread bets and CFDs on a variety of UK and EU interest rates including Euribor, Eurodollar and Short Sterling, and our spreads start from just 0.03 points.

    Interest rates market information

    Market Spread Pricing Spread Hours Margins
    Short Sterling 3mnth
    Short Sterling prices are correlated to UK interest rates and traders use this to speculate on interest rate moves
    Fixed 0.02 pts 2.30pm - 1.00am 0.25%
    Eurodollar futures are a futures contract based on an interest rate for a three-month loan with $1m notional value
    Fixed 0.02 pts 6.00am - 5.00am 0.25%
    Euribor 3mnth
    Euro Interbank Offered Rate is based on the average interest rates from which large euro banks loan to each other
    Fixed 0.02 pts 8.00am - 4.00am 0.25%


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