• Fixed 1 point spreads on major indices

    • Trade the Australia 200, UK 100, Germany 30 & France 40 from 1pt
    • 24-hour trading from your CFD account
    • Multi-platform access via our desktop platforms and mobile and tablet apps

    We offer some of the tightest spreads on our indices markets, including 1 point on the 4 major indices during market hours.

    Indices are some of our most traded markets, with the UK 100 (underlying FTSE 100) being one of the most popular. With your City Index account you can trade CFDs on a majority of the indices across the globe. Our most popularly traded indices include the Australia 200, Germany 30, UK 100, US S&P, Wall Street, Japan 225 and (underlying ASX 200, DAX 30, FTSE 100, S&P 500, Dow 30, Nikkei 225 and respectively).

    We also run a number of our indices markets outside their normal underlying trading hours, meaning you can take a position on our indices markets 24 hours a day. Spreads may vary according to the underlying market spread, market conditions and liquidity.

    Indices market information

    Markets Spread Pricing Spread Hours Margins
    Australia 200
    Tight spreads and low margins available on Australia's top 200 shares (underlying ASX)
    Fixed From 1pt 24hrs with breaks 0.5%
    Germany 30
    Trade Germany’s benchmark stock index from just a 1pt spread (underlying DAX 30)
    Fixed From 1pt 24hrs with breaks 0.5%
    UK 100
    Our UK 100 market is based on the underlying FTSE 100
    Fixed From 1pt 24hrs with breaks 0.5%
    France 40
    Enjoy tight fixed spreads when you trade the France 40 (underlying CAC 40)
    Fixed From 1pt 2.00pm - 4.00am 0.5%
    Italy 40
    Italy's benchmark stock index is the Italy 40 (underlying Italian Mib)
    Fixed 10pts 3.00pm - 11.40pm 1.0%
    Spain 35
    Trade the Spain 35 with a low 1% margin
    Fixed 8pts 3.00pm - 2.00am 1.0%
    Wall Street
    Our Wall Street market is based on the underlying Dow Jones and you can trade it with a fixed 1.6pt spread
    Fixed From 1pt 24hrs with breaks 0.5%
    US SP 500
    Trade one of the most popular equity indices (underlying S&P 500)
    Fixed 0.5pts 24hrs with breaks 0.5%
    US Tech 100
    Take positions on an index of the largest US tech-based companies (underlying Nasdaq)
    Fixed From 0.5pt 24hrs with breaks 0.5%
    Japan 225
    Trade on the Japan 225 (underlying Nikkei)
    Fixed From 20pts 24hrs with breaks 0.5%
    Hong Kong 40
    Trade an index of the top 40 stocks listed in Hong Kong (underlying Hang Seng)
    Fixed 10pts 24hrs with breaks 1.0%

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