• Speculate on UK or US crude oil from just a 5pt spread

    • Trade CFDs on a wide range of commodities including energy, grain and soft markets
    • UK and US crude oil spreads from 5pts; wheat spreads from 2pts
    • Multi-platform access via our desktop platforms and mobile and tablet apps

    With your City Index trading account, you can now gain exposure to a range of commodities including US and UK crude oil, cocoa, coffee, sugar, pork bellies, wheat and soybeans.

    Commodities market information

    Markets Spread Pricing Spread Hours Margins
    US Crude Oil
    Trade US Crude Oil from just a 6 pt spread and a 1% margin
    Variable From 6pts 6.00am-5.15am 1%
    UK Crude Oil
    Take advantage of our tight fixed spreads on UK Crude Oil.
    Fixed From 7pts 8am-6am 1%
    Natural Gas
    We offer variable spreads starting from just 18 pts on Natural Gas markets
    Variable From 18pts 6.00am-5.15am 3%
    Trade Corn from just 1.25 pts with a 5% margin
    Variable From 1.25pts 8.00am-2.20am 8.45pm-9.30pm 3%
    Trade wheat with variable spread sizes from just 1pt
    Variable From 1pt 8.00am-2.20am 8.45pm-9.30pm 3%
    Coffee C
    Trade CFDs on Coffee markets from a fixed 0.9 pt spread
    Fixed 0.9pt 4.14pm - 1.30am 3%
    Orange Juice
    We offer tight spreads and low margins on our Orange Juice market
    Fixed 1pt 8.00pm - 2.00am 3%
    Soyabean Oil
    Trade Soyabean Oil from just 8 pts and a margin of 3%.
    Variable From 8pts 8.00am-2.20am 8.45pm-9.30pm 3%
    Sugar No 11
    Fixed tight trading available on Sugar No 11 from just 0.06 pts
    Fixed 0.06pt 3.31pm- 1.00am 3%
    Cotton No 2
    Trade Cotton No 2 with low margins and tight spreads
    Fixed 0.35pts 9.00am- 2.20am 3%

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