• Bonds

    • Diversify your trading portfolio and manage your risk effectively
    • Trade bonds from as little as a 0.02 pt spread
    • Choice of UK, US, Euro bonds and more
    • Ability to profit even in a static market

    If you have a view on whether bond prices are set to rise or fall, you can potentially profit from your prediction by trading on our bond markets.

    We offer competitive spreads on a range of bond markets including US bonds, Euro Bunds, UK Gilts, Euro Schatz and US T-Notes and T-Bonds. Our spreads for bonds start from just 0.02 points.

    Bonds market information

    Markets Spread Pricing Spread Hours Margins
    UK Long Gilt
    Similar to US Treasuries, UK Gilts are bonds issued by the British government and are considered to be low risk
    Fixed 0.03 pts 3.01pm-1.00am 0.50%
    Euro Bund
    A bond issued by the German federal government and is typically considered to be the benchmark for euro govt debt
    Fixed 0.03 pts 2.00pm- 4.00am 1%
    US T-Bond
    T-Bonds, which is short for US Treasury bonds, is a fixed-interest US government debt security
    Fixed 0.02 pts 6.00am-5.00am 0.50%
    BTP Italian Bonds
    Buoni del Tesoro Poliennali (BTP) on Italian Treasury bonds issued with varying maturities including three, five and ten years
    Variable From 0.04 pts 2.00pm-1.00am 1.00%
    Japanese 10yr
    Ten-year debt obligations issued by the Japanese Treasury
    Variable From 0.1 pts 11.45pm-9.15am and 10.30am-6.00pm 1%
    Euro Schatz
    A futures contract issued by the Federal Republic of Germany and is based on short-term debt
    Fixed 0.02 pts 2.00pm-4.00am 0.50%
    Euro Bobl
    Similar to Euro Schatz except Euro Bobl is based on medium-term debt
    Fixed 0.02 pts 7.00am-9.00pm 1%

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