Price Tolerance

  • Q1) How does Price Tolerance work?

    Price Tolerance is the price level within which our trading platform may execute your trade immediately even if at the time of execution the price has moved away from that specified by you. 

    Those markets where Price Tolerance applies will have default tolerance levels set, but they may be altered by you on the trading platform. 

    If you don’t want any slippage in execution price, you can manually set your Price Tolerance level to ‘0’ for each market. This will mean that if we receive a trade request and the price is different, the trade will be rejected and a new trade must be requested. 

    Q2) How do you change the Price Tolerance levels? 

    If you want to change your Price Tolerance level, you can do so by amending the Tolerance levels set within the Market Information for each market affected by Price Tolerance. 

    If however you want to remove Price Tolerance completely, you can do so by setting the Price Tolerance level to ‘0’ for the relevant market. This will mean that should our trade execution price move, you will need to submit a new trade request.