iPhone Trading App

  • Q1) What is the City Index iPhone app?

    It's the CFD trading iPhone app from City Index.

    With City Index you can speculate on fast-moving financial markets, wherever you are and at any time, by placing a CFD trade through City Index, one of the world’s leading CFD providers.

    Please remember tax laws are subject to change and depend on individual circumstances.

    Q2) What can I do with the City Index iPhone app?

    It provides all of the tools you need to monitor and perform actions on your account, confidently and securely.


    1. Search for live market prices
    2. View specific market information
    3. Open and close CFD positions
    4. Manage your total margin
    5. Save opening and closing orders


    1. View your account details - including running profit & loss
    2. Maintain your watch lists
    3. View historical account and order information

    Q3) How do I recommend a new feature or tool for the City Index iPhone app?

    Send an email with your thoughts to clientservices@cityindex.com.au

    Q4) What do I need to use the City Index iPhone app?

    1.  City Index Trading Account

    You will need a City Index account.

    Use the same login details for both your web and iPhone app trading accounts

    If you don’t have an account, open a live trading account through our website


    2. iPhone 3G & 3GS or iPod touch®

    You need OS 3.0 (or later), and can utilise 3G, Wi-Fi and Edge data connections

    Where possible, we recommend using a Wi-Fi connection for optimum performance.

    Q5) Am I able to fund my account using the City Index iPhone app?

    We’re working on a feature to allow you to fund through your iPhone.

    In the meantime, please log in to the City Index trading platform and follow the instructions within the ‘Account’ tab.

    Q6) Can I update my account details using the City Index iPhone app?

    At the moment your account details cannot be managed through the City Index iPhone app.

    If you would like to amend your account details, please use the City Index trading platform. From there you can make the required changes under the Account tab; including changing your password, updating your email address, as well as funding your account and viewing statements.

    Q7) How do I report a problem with the iPhone app?

    Email: iPhone@cityindex.com.au and we’ll get back to you ASAP

    Q8) How do I know if my iPhone is running OS 3.0?

    You can check what version of operating system (OS) your handset is using by following the steps below:

    1. Click the ‘Settings’ icon on the iPhone home screen
    2. Click the ‘General’ menu option
    3. Click the ‘About’ menu option

    The first digit of the 3-digit ‘Version’ number (x.x.x) depicts what version you have. If this version begins with a 3 – i.e. 3.0.1 – then you have version OS 3.0, which means you can use the iPhone app straight away.

    If you have a previous version of OS running – i.e. 2.0.1 – then you need to upgrade your handset via iTunes Store®.

    Q9) How do I upgrade to OS 3.0?

    1.   Connect your iPhone/iPod touch® to your PC/Mac and open iTunes Store

    2.   Select your device on the left which will take you to the summary view

    3.   In the version section click ‘check for update’

    If your device does not have OS version 3.0 or above installed, iTunes will let you know there is a new version available and ask you if you wish to upgrade.

    Q10) What will happen if I lose connectivity while placing an order or trade?

    If your connection is lost while entering the details of a new order or trade, you will simply be logged out from the iPhone app.

    The trade/order will not be processed, and no changes will be made to your account. You can then log back in once you have a suitable connection.

    If your connection is lost while a trade or order is being processed, the action will be received by City Index and the trade or order will successfully be processed. This is dependent on the details being received before connection is lost. In any case, you will be able to log back in to check your open positions and active orders.

    Q11) Is the City Index iPhone app secure?

    The City Index iPhone app is fully secure. It employs a negotiated SSL connection to City Index for all transactions to and from the iPhone and iPod touch.

    Transactional information is fed into the iPhone app from City Index without any information being stored directly onto the device.

    Users have the option of saving their account number and password, but this is only saved if the user requests it and acknowledges the risks associated.

    The iPhone app has also been certified and approved by Apple.

    Q12) I encounter an error message saying “Latency Warning – Network connection is weak. Please ensure you have adequate data connectivity”. What should I do to stop this message appearing?

    This message will appear if your handset does not have a strong connection. In this case, try to find an area with an improved data connection, or connect to a local Wi-Fi network.

    Q13) I encounter a “The market price has moved in the last three seconds” error message while placing a trade. What does this mean, and how can I avoid it?

    The ‘Three Second Rule’ is a security measure put in place to ensure clients only trade on the latest live market price – if a market price is 3 seconds old or more, the trade may not be processed. If you find that this error message appears more than once, this may be due to a weak connection, either through Wi-Fi or data connection.

    We recommend using a Wi-Fi connection where possible, to ensure you receive the very latest live market prices.

    Q14) Can I customise the City Index iPhone app?

    Within the main Settings menu of the iPhone, you can find individual settings for select applications. Within the City Index iPhone app option, you’re able to customise certain additional options, such as Auto Resume Login, Inactivity Timeout and more.

    Q15) Do I need to be logged in to the City Index trading platform to use the City Index iPhone app?

    You don't need to be logged into your City Index trading platform when using the iPhone app.

    You can access and trade using your account with City Index at any time within market hours

    Q16) I'm always logged out automatically after 10 minutes. How can I change this?

    The default inactivity timeout setting can be amended within the City Index iPhone app option under the iPhone's main Settings menu.

    Q17) Why does my chosen initial screen not work with the auto resume login?

    Initial Screen - When enabling the ‘Auto Resume Login’ option within the City Index application settings, the City Index app will login to the Account screen immediately after login by default. However, the Default Initial Screen option works as normal when ‘Auto Resume Login’ is disabled.

    Q18) Is the iPhone app free to download?

    Completely free. Simply go to the App Store and search for “City Index".

    Q19) How do I download and use the City Index iPhone app with my City Index account?

    If you already hold a City Index account, downloading and accessing your account via the City Index iPhone app is very simple:

    1. Navigate to the app Store, and search for ‘City Index', Alternatively, the City Index app can also be found within the Top Free apps in the Finance category.
    2. Click the City Index iPhone app, displayed within the search results
    3. Click ‘Free’ to initiate the download process, and then ‘Install’
    4. Enter your Apple ID and password to validate the install
    5. Once installed, click the City Index iPhone app launch icon on your iPhone Home screen,
            which will open the City Index iPhone app
    6. Enter your login details on the Login screen, and press ‘Login’

    Q20) Can I use the iPhone app if I don't have a City Index trading account?

    You’ll need a City Index account to use the iPhone app.

    Open a live trading account through our website.

    Q21) How do I check I have the latest version?

    1. Navigate to the ‘Updates’ option within the app Store
    2. Select City Index. Please note that the app Store may prompt you for your Apple ID and password at this stage. We will notify you when an update is ready.

    Q22) What do I do if I've lost my phone?

    Contact Client Services immediately on 1800 354 182, and inform them of your situation.

    Your password will then be reset, preventing any unauthorised access to your account as soon as possible.

    Please also ensure that you contact your network provider regarding the loss of your handset.