Payment Details

  • Still can’t find the answer to your problem? Please contact the City Index Client Management Team either via chat or via the contact number located on our Contact Us page and we will endeavour to resolve your problem as soon as we can.

    You can submit a request to change your registered bank details by Contacting our Client Management team.

    Q: How can I fund my account?

    Credit Card

    You can fund your account online. We accept MasterCard/Visa debit and credit card. Once your credit card introduction has been confirmed, your funds will be available to trade with straight away. Please note that the minimum initial deposit is 500AUD.


    EFT funds will be available the next working day, if transferred before 4pm AEST. To introduce funds by this method, please use the following banking details, quoting your account number as the reference.

    Please contact us via chat or email if you are an overseas client wishing to transfer funds in a currency other than AUD for the appropriate bank account number.

    BPAY (EFT only)

    Using BPAY, funds are cleared and available to trade next working day, if transferred before 3pm AEST. After 3pm payments can take two working days. To introduce funds by this method, contact your bank, credit union or building society to make this payment from your cheque or savings account. Enter the Biller Code followed by your 10 or 11-digit City Index Customer Reference Number (CRN) as appears on your Statement.

    More info:

    BPay Biller Code: 19513

    BPay Reference: Please refer to your statement

    (First time BPay users will be given a BPay reference by our Client Management team)

    Cash and Third Party Payments

    We can only accept payments when the account holder is the payee, we cannot accept cash deposits or third party payments - this includes payments via companies even if they are fully owned by the account holder.


    Q: Can I deposit third party payments into my account?

    We are unable to accept a payment from any third party.

    Q: What documents do I need to provide if I need to change my payment details?

    You need to send us the following documents if you need to have an alternative card approved for accepting withdrawals from your City Index FX account:

    A copy of your card statement showing funds being transferred to City Index.

    A bank statement confirming your name which must match the name on the City Index FX account and bank account number.

    Please ensure that all documents are less than 3 months old.

    Q: What happens if I can't provide the documents required to change my payment details?

    If you do not have any documents confirming your previous card details, we will require a letter from your card issuer advising the reason for your changed details. Please get in touch with us using one of the options on the Contact Us page.