Types of CFDs

  • City Index offers two types of CFDs for most of our markets. Depending on your trading strategy, you can choose between CFDs biased to either the underlying cash markets or futures markets.

    Whether you’re looking to minimise overnight financing costs, or take advantage of no end date contracts, you’ll be able to access a range of instruments across a variety of markets.

    Cash CFDs

    Biased to the underlying cash markets, this type of CFD has no pre-defined expiry date. Our cash CFDs offer tight spreads and are available on a range of markets including equities and non-equities.

    • Tight spreads.
    • Equity CFDs are subject to commission, paid at the opening and closing of positions.
    • Commodity, currency and index CFDs are commission free.
    • Overnight finance costs apply.
    • Overnight dividend adjustments.
    • Profit/loss realised on exit of trade.

    Futures CFDs

    CFD futures trades are priced directly from the underlying futures markets, with commissions, financing charges and dividend adjustments built into the spread – which is why our futures CFD trades have wider spreads.

    • Non-equities only.
    • No overnight dividend adjustments.
    • Profit/loss realised on exit of the trade or at the expiry date.
    • Favoured more for longer term trades, it’s possible to roll futures contracts at a charge (usually half our dealing spread), this is done over the phone not via our trading platform.
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