Commissions and Pricing

  • Commissions and Pricing

    Access the markets you want, when you want, with competitive, transparent pricing. Lower commissions and uncomplicated pricing mean that you get to keep more of your profit.


    Trade commission free on all non-share CFDs - including FX, Indices and Commodities. Enjoy an 0.08% rate on AUS share CFDs, and 0.05% on JPY share CFDs.


    Transparent pricing means that you always know where our price is, relative to the underlying market. Our spreads reflect the underlying exchange and, during after-hours trading, our spreads can actually be tighter than the underlying market.


    City Index margins are highly competitive and often the lowest in the market. For example, you can trade the City Index Australian 200 with just 0.5% margin. And, if you put in a Guaranteed Stop Loss at the time of your order, you can lower your margin requirements even further - e.g, the 10% margin for BHP share CFDs reduces to just 3%.

    Financing charges

    Trading is about holding onto your profit and trading costs can impact upon this. With City Index you get the lowest financing margin in the market at +/-2.5%. Overnight financing charges only apply to positions held overnight. In most cases, if you hold a Short position you will receive financing, and if you hold a Long position you will pay a small premium.

    Dividend adjustments

    Similar to the Shares that underlie a CFD, Dividend adjustments are credited to Long CFD positions and debited from Short CFD positions.

    Further Information

    Want to know more? Specific costs and further information can be found in the Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Service Guide

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