What Can I Trade?

  • CFDs open a world of trading opportunities. With fewer restrictions on what you can trade, which markets you can trade in and how much it will cost, you can literally trade 24 hours a day - commission free for FX, index and commodity CFDs.  


    Foreign exchange (FX) CFDs trade on the performance of a simultaneous swap of one currency against another. You can trade over 40 currency pairs with City Index, though most traders focus on the major currencies (EURO, USD, GBP and CHF). The appeal is the highly liquid and volatile nature of what is the largest global trading market - offering greater control over your buy/sell timing, and the price at which you buy/sell, with more trading opportunities and greater profit potential.

    Global indices

    Trade on a more macro economic level and reduce your exposure to individual company risk by trading indices. A popular instrument among new traders, you can use readily available market information to trade the performance of indices such as the Australian 200, which directly reflects the movements of the top 200 ASX shares. City Index offers a comprehensive range of global indices including the CMI 300, German 30 and the Dow S&P 500.


    Commodity CFDs let you trade the performance of a single product such as crude oil, cocoa, coffee, sugar, wheat and soybeans. Take a bigger picture perspective when you take a general position on a commodity without exposure to individual company risk. With City Index you can trade commodity CFDs including metals, energy, soft commodities and grains.

    Share CFDs

    Whether you’re interested in multi national or small cap company performance you can trade thousands of share CFDs across exchanges such as the ASX, LSE, NASDAQ and HKSE - from a single City Index trading account. Go long or short with the potential to be paid financing and dividends, with lower trading costs than physical shares – such as our 0.08% rate for all Australian share CFD trades - at a fraction of the price.

    Other markets

    The global possibilities of CFDs extend even further to less traditional instruments and exchanges such as treasuries and ETFs. Importantly for you, if we don’t offer an instrument that you want, just tell us and we’ll add it.

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