• Thousands of trading opportunities

    Thousands of trading opportunities

    Trade thousands of global markets - indices, individual shares, commodities, currencies & more - access them via our award-winning platform.
  • Try our trading platform

    Try our trading platform

    Open a free CFD or FX demo trading account and practice with a virtual balance.
  • Connect with global stock markets

    Connect with global stock markets

    Go long or short on over 5,000 share CFDs and exploit all market conditions. With low initial margins and commissions from just $5 on ASX shares, getting started is easy.
  • Choose an award-winning provider

    Choose an award-winning provider

    Open an account today and see for yourself why we were voted Best CFD Provider and Best Education/Resources at the Online Personal Wealth Awards 2015.

CFD Trading

Contracts for difference enable you to go long or short on thousands of global markets

Forex Trading

Over 40 spot forex markets with a suite of forex platforms including MT4

Educational Resources

Improve your CFD and forex trading skills with our free webinars and educational resources

Tight Indices Spreads

Our indices spreads start from just 1 point on the Australia 200, Wall Street and UK 100

Range of Markets

Over 10,000 CFD markets including indices and shares and over 40 spot forex pairs

Market Analysis

Live feeds from Dow Jones, economic calendar and other research and analysis tools

iPhone App

Trade CFDs and FX on the move with our powerful iPhone trading app

Advantage Trader Pro

Take your trading to the next level with our professional platform. 100+ built in strategies and more

Advantage Web

Features include multiple technical indicators, customisable interface and more.

Why choose City Index?


The City Index offering is based on fair and transparent pricing, intuitive technology and superior customer service.

  • Over 30 years' experience
  • Thousands of global markets
  • 1pt spread on Australia 200
  • Free trading strategies and market insights
  • Award-winning platforms